Happy Hours in Curaçao

Welcome to the vibrant island of Curacao, where every hour is great but some made even more joyful during the famous Happy Hours. Happy Hours on Curaçao are a well-known event and most often happen at the end of the day.

Chill Beach Bar & Grill

Experience the ultimate Happy Hour at Chill Beach Bar & Grill on Curacao. Located on Mambo Beach. Chill Beach Bar & Grill is the perfect spot to relax and socialize during Happy Hour. Whether you prefer a beachside seat or a cozy lounge area, this hotspot guarantees a memorable experience. All their dishes are straight from the grill. There are different operators going to the island. Ask us about the options.

TIP: go on Fridays. It will be nice and busy because many of us locals use this spot to welcome the weekend!

Bonita Beach Club

Also nestled on Mambo Beach, Bonita offers an idyllic setting. With a welcoming ambiance and friendly staff, Bonita Beach Bar is the perfect oasis to relax and socialize during Happy Hour. Bonita has beachfront seats or a cozy spot in their charming patio

TIP: go on Fridays. It will be nice and busy because many of us locals use this spot to welcome the weekend! I know sounds familiar right well Chill and Bonita are next to each other to easy to hop.

wet & wild Beach Club

Another bar on the strip of Mambo beach. Dive into happiness at Wet and Wild on Curacao during their exhilarating Happy Hour. With a vibrant ambiance and attentive staff, Wet and Wild is the perfect destination to unwind and mingle with fellow adventurers during Happy Hour. Whether you're lounging by the pool or dancing by the beach, Wet and Wild guarantees an exhilarating experience filled with fun and laughter.

Zanzibar Beach & Restaurant

Experience pure bliss at Zanzibar on Curacao during their enchanting Happy Hour. Located on Jan Thiel Beach, Zanzibar offers a captivating setting to indulge in discounted drinks. With a welcoming atmosphere and attentive staff, Zanzibar is the perfect place to have a nice party with live music when the happy hour ends. Whether you choose a beachfront table or a cozy spot in their charming lounge, Zanzibar guarantees a memorable experience filled with laughter and relaxation. Join us for the happiest moments at Zanzibar on Curacao!

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Saint Tropez Ocean Club

Escape to paradise at St. Tropez Ocean Club and indulge in their captivating Happy Hour. Situated by the glistening ocean, St. Tropez offers a serene setting to enjoy discounted drinks and tantalizing culinary delights. Located in our very own Pietermaai District. Sip on tropical cocktails, savor delicious appetizers, and unwind in the luxurious beachfront atmosphere. With attentive service and a sophisticated ambiance, St. Tropez Ocean Club is the perfect retreat to relax and socialize during Happy Hour. Whether you prefer a cozy cabana or a stylish lounge area, St. Tropez guarantees a blissful experience filled with elegance and laughter.

Cabana Beach Bar

Embark on a journey of happiness at Cabana during their sensational Happy Hour. Nestled in a stunning beachfront location on Mambo Beach. Cabana offers a picturesque setting to savor discounted drinks and delectable culinary delights. Sip on refreshing cocktails, indulge in mouthwatering snacks, and soak up the vibrant island atmosphere. With a relaxed ambiance and friendly staff, Cabana is the perfect spot to unwind and connect with friends during Happy Hour.

Blue Bay

Experience pure happiness at Blue Bay Curacao during our delightful happy hour! Sip on refreshing tropical cocktails while the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with mesmerizing hues. Start your weekend with happy hour on one of Curacao’s most beautiful beaches, Blue Bay. On Friday night you can enjoy various artists with live music from 6 till 9 pm.

Mundo Bizarro

Let the rhythm of live music transport you as you mingle with fellow adventurers, creating unforgettable moments. Join us at Mundo Bizarro for a happy hour that promises an enchanting escape into the wonderfully weird. It is also very nice to join their salsa evening with live music on Thursday night starting from 8.30 pm.

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