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Things to do on Curacao when it’s raining

When you think of Curaçao, the image of beaches, seas and endless outdoor adventures probably immediately comes to mind. But even on this tropical island the weather can sometimes be bad. Don't worry, because even if it rains for a day, there will be plenty to do on this beautiful island. Discover with us what you can do on Curaçao when it rains, and prepare for an unforgettable rainy day full of fun and discovery!

Hato caves

The Hato Cave in Curaçao is located on the north side of the island. Hato Cave is over 300,000 years old and is the largest and most prominent cave on the island. It is best to put on your walking shoes because to reach the cave you first have to walk up 49 steps. This way you can get some exercise instead of lying on the beach all day 😉 You walk with a professional guide, who will tell you everything about these beautiful caves.

The Movies

Want to relax in the cinema? 🎥 You can go to the cinemas in Otrobanda or Punda and you will have a relaxing experience. They have relaxing seats and you can even order your food and drinks. Even when it rains, it is very hot on Curacao and you can cool off in this air-conditioned cinema. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays they have a special offer and you can go to the cinema for only 8 guilders. Perfect for a rainy day.


A day of shopping when it rains is always a good solution. There are several shopping centers on Curacao. You can enjoy yourself for a few hours in the Sambil shopping center. You will find several supermarkets, clothing stores, restaurants, a cinema and even a bowling alley! There are also many activities in Sambil, especially for children. You can drive to this large shopping center in only 10 minutes from our hotel.

Painting a chichi

On a rainy day, go to Serena's Art Factory for a Chichi painting workshop. A Chichi is a statue of a well-formed woman and means ‘big sister’ in Papiamento. The Chichi is handmade and hand-dyed in the most cheerful colors of the Caribbean by the local women of Curaçao. Head to Serena's Art Factory for a Chichi painting workshop. You can paint your own Chichi here during the workshop. This way you also have a nice local self-made souvenir to take home! ❤️

After the rain

Kurá Hulanda Museum

If it rains you can take the opportunity to visit some museums on Curacao, because we have quit a few! Delve into Curaçao's slavery past and visit the Kurá Hulanda Museum. This museum is both indoor and outdoor. you can find the museum on a 10 minute walking distance from our hotel, across the Handelskade. During your visit you will understand the history just a little better.

TIP: book a tour with a guide. This makes the museum more interactive and the impressive stories come through even better.

Maritiem Museum

For lovers of sea and shipping, the Maritime Museum Curacao is an absolute must. Due to the favorable location of Curacao (many international trade routes converge here) and the good ports, the island has an impressive maritime history. The Netherlands also played a major role in this. In the Maritime Museum Curacao you can go back in time more than 500 years with the help of old ship models, navigation equipment and nautical maps.

Landhuis Chobolobo

Visit the Curacao Liqueur Distillery at Landhuis Chobolobo and learn all about the world-famous Blue Curacao Liqueur during one of our tours. Experience the art and craftsmanship on a journey through the history of Curacao and the distillation process of the world-famous Senior Curacao Liqueur. You end the tour with a cocktail tasting or you choose to participate in the cocktail workshop. It's always a good time for a cocktail, right?

8 The Experience SPA

What could be better than pampering yourself in the spa on a rainy day. Go from the Turkish steam bath to the sauna and lie down on a massage table for a full body treatment. It is recommended to do this at 8 The Experience! You will also find a hair salon, nail salon and beauty salon here. You can enjoy yourself here for hours and you will come home completely relaxed and refreshed.

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