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Don't want to go far away ? We got you covered we collected our favorite things to do within easy walking distance of the hotel. 

City walks


+/- 60 min (tour duration)

There are a few tours that show of Willemstad in a unique way these are the 2 we really like:
(No worries we can help you book these!)

1. Dundu tours

From city walks through Willemstad, E-scooter tour, local food walk and to even a personalized tour. It's all possible at Dundu tours. (photo)

2. Pocketguide Audio tour

The tour was developed by our own architect Anko van der Woude and is packed with interesting information. During the tour you will learn about the typical Curaçao architectural styles, the building materials and the customs of life in this old quarter and the history of the island, with the restored buildings in the narrow alleys or the spacious kuras.

Kura Hulanda Museum.


+/- 20 min

You can't really go to Curacao without going to the kura hulanda museum and if you go, it is recommended to ask for a guided tour. Walking through the various rooms full of old posters and other memorabilia, you will learn more about the history of Curacao. You will learn more about slavery, the country houses on Curacao and they will also cover other areas such as Suriname, America, and South Africa. Not only the stories that are told here are impressive, also the collection of South African art is especially special to see.

Marshe Nobo


+/- 5 min

Marshe Nobo also called the round market is a large round building with a variety of market stalls where you can buy all sorts of things such as nice souvenirs, food, clothing, etc. Outside the round market are also all stalls with different things.



+/- 5 min

Don’t leave Curaçao without drinking a Batido. Batidos in English are fruit smoothies. Made of (fresh)fruit with ice, milk, and sugar. You can choose your own favorite fruit, sugar or no sugar, milk or no milk. It is all up to you! Extremely popular on Curaçao. So, a must try during your vacation. A small stand we love is opposite the post office (just before you reach Marshe Nobo)

The Queen Emma bridge


+/- 15 min

The Queen Emma Bridge nicknamed the Pontjesbrug or the ‘swinging old lady’ is a beauty and the oldest still working floating bridge in the world. When a boat needs to pass through, the bridge floats open and the ships sail in. In the evening the bridge is beautifully illuminated in many different colors. If it happens that the bridge is open when you want to go to Otrabanda or Punda you can take a free boat across the water to the other side.


Watch for the light/flag when it ‘opens’ Orange means less than 20 minutes and ‘Blue’ means longer than 20 minutes.

Plasa Bieu


+/- 3 min

For when you really want to eat lunch locally. At Plaza Bieu you'll find delicious local dishes like pumpkin pancakes (yum!!) and braised goat. You can order your food at different food stalls and just sit down at a long table. Many locals also get their food here and it is really good food and not expensive at all.

Plaza Bieu is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Curaçao and Dushi signs


+/- 10 min

The Curaçao and dushi sign are located in Punda, the perfect spot to take a selfie while in Willemstad is in front of these giant blue and yellow letters at Wilhelmina Park. There are also a sign reads Dushi. Dushi comes from Papiamento and means “sweet”. You can’t leave Curaçao without having taken a picture at these signs.

Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit.

Maritime museum


+/- 15 min

The Curaçao Maritime Museum is just an 15 minutes’ walk from the hotel. It takes visitors on a discovery tour of more than 500 years of maritime history of Curaçao. The history is clarified through a permanent exhibition consisting of authentic nautical charts, ship models and navigation equipment, combined with audio/visual means.

jewish_museum_wynwood_top11 copy

Jewish Museum


+/- 15 min

Located in Willemstad, a UNESCO heritage city, the Jewish Cultural Historical Museum depicts the history of Jewish Curaçao from the arrival of the first Jew in 1634 to the current Jewish communities on the Caribbean island. The museum houses more than 1,000 objects, photographs, and books about Jewish life in Curaçao. As a ‘Living Museum,’ the museum’s collection also includes objects loaned from the island’s Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in continuous use in the Americas, that are still used during services today.

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