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Like untouched gems, our beaches dot our coastline one by one. From the idyllic Cas Abou to the laid-back, family vibe of Kokomo, our ‘playas’ are private coves that have all the space you need to get away from it all.

Grote knip

Grote Knip is the most photographed beach on the island, and for good reason! There is a beauiful view of the crystal-clear sea, and a snow-white beach. UNESCO named this beach the most beautiful beach of the Caribbean. It is possible to rent a beach bed with or without beach umbrella at the Grote Knip.

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Take a picture from the square overlooking the beach.

Playa Porto Marie

With a double reef and a great diveshop, Playa Porto Marie is a diver's paradise. The popular beach is perfect if you are traveling with small children. There is a nice restaurant and there are pigs on Porto Marie! They are called Willy and Woody.

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Dive the double reef

Cas Abou

Not only is Cas abou one of the most beautiful beaches of Curacao, National Geographic has also named this beach the fourth most beatiful beach of the world. Cas Abao has a beautiful white sandy beach, and is surrounded by palm trees. The underwater world of Cas Abao is stunning as wel, you should bring your snorkel set when you visit Cas Abao. There is a small restaurant where you can buy various food and beverages.

HAve to:

Build a sandcastle on the white sand

There's no place like home....

Except the beach.

Playa Kalki

Playa Kalki is as white as you get them, and the water couldn't be more blue. This beach is a paradise on earth. Since the beach is not very broad, you are most likely to find yourself a chair at the waterfront. Not only is this beach beautiful above waterlevel, the underwater life is waiting to be explored by you as well. You can just walk in the sea wearing your goggles, but it is also possble to go in the water by stairs if you would prefer that. At his beach there is no restaurant, however you can buy some small snacks at the dive center which is located on the beach. We would recommend to bring your own food and drinks if you ar planning to stay at this beach the enire day.

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You must clime some stairs in order to get access to the beach.

Playa Piskadó / Playa Grandi

Playa Piskadó - also known as Playa Grandi - is a small beach in Wespunt. If you want to sot and / or swim with turtles you should go to this each. The beach itself is not very impressive, it consists mostly of rocks and coral. If you brought watershoes we would recommend you to take them with you when you visit this beach. Once you have seen all the turtles you will completely forget the lack of white sand. The turtles love the fish waste the lcal fisherman throw in the water once they come back from the sea. Sometimes you will see up to 10 a 15 turtles at this beach, it is a very special experience to swim with them.

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Swim with the turtles


touch the turtles !

Playa Lagun

Playa Lagun is a real fishing beach. It is a narrow bay that forms a kind of tunnel to the clear blue Caribbean Sea. The high rocks provide fantastic underwater life. It is the perfect place if you like snorkeling and diving because here you can regularly see impressive fish and even turtles. You will also find many iguanas upstairs near the restaurant.

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take a photo with a pituresque fisherman's boat

Karakter Beach Club

Coral estate beach, or Karakter beach club, is located on coral estate which is a beautiful villa district. The beach attached to Karakter beachclub is not a white sandy beach where you can just walk into the sea, it is more a quay with stairs that go into the waer. When using the stairs you can easily enter the water. There are not only beach beds here, but also beach chairs, beanbags and swings to lounge on.

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enjoy the view from the infinity pool

Mambo Beach

Mambo beach might be the most famous beach in Curacao. It is particulary known because it is a place where many young people go to at night to party, which is why it can be busy there during the weekends and vacations. When there are no party's at Mambo beach you will mostly see tourist and families enjoying the sun, sea and beach. There are many beach bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a drink or some amazing food.

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join happy hour on friday and or sunday

Tugboat beach

Tugboat beach is one of the most interesting snorkling and diving spots in Curacao. From the minute you enter the water you will see many beautiful fish, and about 50 meters off the shore you will find a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean. This ship sunk over 30 yearsPl ago and is about 5 meter deep. The fish around the wreckage are used to people snorkeling and diving around them, so they will stay put when you get near them. There are not only fish living in the waters around Tugboat beach, there are also eels and octopuses etc. There is a beach bar at the Tugboat Beach where you can enjoy a drink.

HAve to:

check-out the tugboat!

Playa Jeremi

Playa Jeremi is a narrow, picturesque cove with crystal clear water. This beach is more local than what you might be used to, there are no beach beds or chairs and there is no restaurant. It is an ideal beach to visit when the sun is less bright than usual, as there is little shade due to no umbrellas. It is recommended to go snorkeling and / or diving at Playa Jeremi.

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enjoy the view

kokomo beach

Kokomo Beach is located on the beautiful, natural bay called Vaersenbaai. This beach club is about a fifteen-minute drive from Willemstad. It is a relatively small beach, as it is about 200 meters in length. Many tourists are very positive about the friendly and cozy atmosphere this beach has. On weekdays this beachs feels like a nice relaxed Caribbean beach, while on the weekends it is busier. Especially the Sunday is well visited at Kokomo, on Sundays it is ‘family day’, in the afternoon a DJ will play music and later that they a band will play live music. The happy hour at Kokomo is also on Sunday from 4pm to 5pm.

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take a photo on the famous swings in the water